What and who is fisherfolk?

Fisherfolk is named in honour of the proud, conscientious folk who put their best product forward. We will always consider the long hours and effort that are put into harvesting, cultivating and producing a high quality fish in our modern times. With so much competition to do everything cheaper, there is more and more pressure on fisheries to offload costs in ways that sacrifice the product, people and heritage. It is our hope, that through the quality fish we offer, we can help to keep self-sustaining, proud fisherfolk doing what they love for generations to come.

Since fisherfolk was conceived, my family and I are grateful to have had the privilege of exploring a way of life that, as landlubbers, we had not been exposed to. I even had the life-changing experience of going on a lobster boat at 2 in the morning and returning only the next evening. The weather was nasty in the cold December Atlantic, and I had no idea what I was getting into. The small boat rocked on the waves of the storm the whole time we were out. Let’s just say I never got my sea legs, but the experience imprinted an understanding and appreciation on me that I reference daily.

Thank you for your trust. We look forward to a long, lasting relationship.

Jennifer Johnston